These days, the average business or service provider is more concerned with trying to make a fast buck and taking short cuts to achieve financial success rather than quality products and services. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of complaints by consumers of being cheated, being sold fake products or receiving bad services from the get-rich-quick business or service provider. A sad example of this is the proliferation in the Nigerian market with “plastic food” such as fake rice.

However, the local news have lately been reporting a few cases where cheated consumers have come out to praise the Consumer Protection Council (CPC) for its role in the return of their lost funds and getting them justice against some of these greedy businesses.

Few Nigerians are aware of what the Consumer Protection Council is, its functions or the role it plays in the betterment of the living standards of Nigerians who at times are left feeling hopeless in seeking redress for their complaints.

The Consumer Protection Council (CPC) is a government agency established in 1992 to eliminate hazardous products from the market, provide speedy redress to consumers complaints, undertake campaigns for increased consumer awareness, ensure that consumer interests receive due consideration at the appropriate forum, and encourage trade, industry and professional associations to develop and enforce, in their various fields, quality standards designed to safeguard the interest of consumers.

The most important functions of the CPC are consumer awareness (enabling consumers to be aware of their consumer rights) and consumer complaint redress. If as a consumer you have been tricked about the performance or effectiveness of a product, sold a fake or substandard product or non-functional product, been caused harm/loss by using a product, provided with wrongful information about a product or received bad and unfair treatment from a service provider, you can seek for redress through the CPC. And for free too! All consumer complaints are investigated and, if found to be valid, the CPC will take immediate action to redress the complaints against the products company or service provider.

You can submit a complaint by simply filling the complaint form on the CPC’s website at